Meet Kayla Paxson

Let me get the nuts and bolts out of the way. I graduated from Friends University in 2009 with a BS in Elementary Education (K-6). After graduation I landed my first teaching job at Argonia Jr. High to teach 6th Grade, which includes all content areas. I also had the privilege of coaching volleyball and basketball.

Now I’m in a classroom that is 1:1 iPad minis. I’m hoping to continue to integrate technology in a way that takes learning to a new level and creates exciting opportunities for my students – collaborating with Google Docs, Skyping with other classrooms, creating their own personal blogs to share with the world, or making something, anything, for a larger audience that extends past the four walls of my room.

It’s still unchartered waters. It’s a bit overwhelming and nerve-wrecking. But, at the end of the day, my current students and future students deserve it.

This is why I’m beginning the blogging journey. This blog is for me – for my own reflections on my teaching career. I want to experience the reflective power of blogging, just as I hope my students will. I want to share my upcoming journey with others. I want to share my thoughts on what is happening in my classroom and education in general.

So, this blog is a reflection from my own perspective – The Paxson Perspective.

Learn with me. Connect with me. Make a difference with me.

Our students deserve it.



*Note: All opinions expressed on are my own and not the opinions of my employer or anyone else. 


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